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Our goal at Integrative Health Group is to provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve optimal health. Through acupuncture and herbal medicine, we can help you manage pain, and improve your overall quality of life. If you are interested in learning more about our services or scheduling an appointment, please contact us today!

Our Services


Discover the benefits of integrative acupuncture.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine can be taken internally or applied topically. 


IHG offers additional therapeutic modalities such as cupping, gua sha, moxa, and infrared therapy.

First Visit

During your first visit we'll discuss your intake, perform a thorough assessment, and explain the treatment plan. Integrative Health Group is dedicated to making your first session as comfortable and informative as possible.

Health Insurance

We accept all major health insurance, VA insurance for veterans, workers' compensation, and auto accident insurance. Superbills are provided if eligible for health insurance reimbursement. Cash, credit card, HSA, and FSA are accepted.​


Fill out a health insurance verification form to check for acupuncture benefits.


Contact your health insurance provider and get an ICD 10 code for your condition and preauthorization for treatment.


Provide Integrative Health Group with your ICD 10 code and preauthorization to schedule an appointment. Fill out your HIPPA compliant digital intake found in your appointment confirmation email.

730 Brookline Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15226 meter parking in front (412) 606-0805


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