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To begin, you must verify your acupuncture benefits by clicking on the link below. Keep in mind that checking benefits does not verify if your condition will be covered, nor does it preauthorize treatment.


Patients who are interested in health insurance coverage for acupuncture must be preauthorized and be provided with an ICD code from their insurance provider prior to scheduling an appointment. Contact your health insurance provider and ask for preauthorization and an ICD 10 code for your condition. Preauthorization with an ICD 10 code must be provided to Integrative Health Group before scheduling an appointment. 


All Insurance patients must have a valid credit card on file on the day of service and have read and signed the Health Insurance Policy and Authorization to Bill Insurance.  If you have any questions regarding your health insurance coverage, please get in touch with your health insurance provider.

We accept all major health insurance, VA insurance for veterans, workers' compensation, and auto accident insurance. Superbills are provided if eligible for health insurance reimbursement. Cash, credit card, HSA, and FSA are accepted.​

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