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Cupping improves peripheral blood circulation to help diminish stubbornly fixed pain and enhance immunity.  Depending on your condition, the type of cup, the duration, and how the cups are used are taken into consideration. Cups are placed on the appropriate area, which create a suctioning on the skin, which causes therapeutic petechiae and ecchymosis on the site which is being cupped. The mechanism behind cupping activates physiological and mechanical changes that positively affect the immune system and surrounding tissues.

$50, 45 minutes

Infrared Therapy

Infrared light penetrates the muscles, nerves, and even the bones. Infrared therapy is safe and effective in providing long-lasting pain relief, healing injured body parts, and reducing inflammation. Conditions that can be treated by infrared therapy include joint pain, joint inflammation, muscle pain, spine injuries, nerve pain, and sports injuries. 

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